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When moles suddenly appear it may be due to the weather, the condition of lawn, or in some cases access from a neighbours garden as they have not got a mole trapper in . There could be consistent food source in the garden from worms. This is why a initial Environmental Risk Assessment will take place and any relevant factors recorded:

  • Access.
  • Level of infestation
  • How widespread is the infestation  
Once we are sure environmental factors have been check and no wildlife will be harmed we will place down traps cover all the mole runs in relevant locations throughout the garden/field as to manage the infestation safety.
Follow up visits 

This visit will take place in most instances after 24-48 hours as there should be a significant decline in activity and sightings of mole hills. Your Pest Technician will decide on whether he needs to continue with more follow up visits until problem has been sorted. Once the area is cleared of moles it may be weeks, months before you get them again but as with all pests the faster you act the better it is and the less damage will be done to your lawn.

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