Anti Rodent Spray Review

  • by steven light
  • 14 Oct, 2017
lodi Anti_Rodent_Spray
From Lodi UK
Hi folks
sorry about the long wait between blogs but we have been busy lately with an influx of moles and rodents with the odd few wasps jobs between them.
Anyway back to the matter at hand, the Lodi anti rodent spray . This has been met with a lot of controversy in the pest control industry as of late so we thought we would obtain a sample can to put to the test.
Since obtaining this sample we have been integrating the product into our rodent jobs, mainly at this point in lofts.
Why I hear you all asking? Well, the amount of rodent jobs in lofts that we come across which to some extent include chewed/gnawed wires and/or pipe lagging (insulation around the pipes) is unbelievable. The amount of times we see this is scary and at the end of the day a necessary and sometimes expensive issue for the client. So on any rodent job, we undertake at the moment with signs of gnawing we are implementing this product into the treatment plan. By rodents causing this type of damage although you may think it’s nothing and only a small problem, it can lead to future issues like fires, floods, electrics shorting out and electric shocks to anyone who ventures into the loft for any reason and hasn't noticed a bare wire. And this is just to name a few issues.

Luckily our past few loft jobs which have had these issues have had full or partial re-wires, but the clients are still nervous about the same problem happening in the future. This is where this new product comes into play, it is called as the title suggests anti rodent spray, (this isn’t a great name as it could be slightly misleading to the buyer without reading the label). It is not designed to stop rodents but it is designed to deter rodents gnawing anything that this product is applied to.
We have currently come to the conclusion, at this point in the field testing of this product is that it will help out to a certain extent. There isn’t a product that can stop this happening 100% but it is currently working well. We are still conducting more field tests and are hoping to also get video evidence to back up all our claims.

Another thing we have noticed since using this product is not only are we leaving a happy customer, but they seem to be more at ease than when we don’t use the product. We are explaining to clients that it’s a new product we are testing, and at this stage we can’t truly say how well it works, all we can say is after explaining the product and showing them the can itself it’s like they have an extra sigh of relief on top of the sigh of relief that the problem is being dealt with anyway.
I will also add that along with following the product label on how to use (to be lawful) it would only be a sensible idea to spray on wires if you have some knowledge of electrics. If you spray on a bare live wire it could cause more issues and dangers for both the person who has applied the product and the client. Even if the product was applied while the electrics were off it stays quite fluid like and sticky along with giving off fumes for a while after applying so always be safe and cautious.

The product will be rated 4/10 at this point due to the clients being happier knowing it’s applied. I believe client satisfaction should come into all product tests and I do believe it’s a product that is more of a sell on or to give an extra piece of mind to the client. Once we get video evidence this score may well change greatly , which we are working on getting at this time . Keep an eye out for the updates
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