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  • 04 Sep, 2017

Why join a trade association, And which one?

At Shire pest solutions we have always been interested in joining a trade association but as with all things its cost and what do you get, and then looking at what you don’t need from them.

There are two that you here about and they are the BPCA and NPTA both representing small and large company’s but they can be confusing to which one you want to belong to as it comes down to cost and what do you get from being a member.

Information below was taken from both the BPCA & NPTA Websites


Membership of the BPCA

  •  Use of the BPCA Member logo
  •  Consumer Referrals
  •  Technical advice
  •  Business support
  •  Discounts on training courses, seminars, conferences and examinations
  • Professional Pest Controller magazine
  •  Full access to the BPCA members area of the website
  •  Access to CPD materials
  •  Access to post jobs on the BPCA jobs board
  •  Regular communications with articles of interest, latest industry information and news

And much more...



  • Ensure the provision of a legislative environment conducive to the profitable operation of member companies' businesses
  • Represent the interests and opinions of the UK public health pest control industry to Government, other key decision-makers, the general public and associated industries
  • Represent a responsible industry committed to the control of public health pests, minimising risk to the general public, non-target animals and the environment
  • Encourage high standards of professionalism within the industry
  • Explain the role of the industry in today's society and its benefits to the community


What we do

  • Ensure our Members are ready to face the challenges of a regulated industry in whatever form that takes


    • Establish a broad suite of training for our sector, enabling everyone to continuously develop and carry out their work professionally
      • Create and maintain a governance structure capable of delivering the strategy for the benefit of the membership
        • Execute a proactive campaign to raise the profile of BPCA globally, maintaining our position as the leading voice in pest management
          • Engage the whole supply chain, increasing the number of specifiers insisting on BPCA membership
            • Educate key influencers on the value of the pest management sector
              • Enhance financial security for the future by driving growth across a diverse range of sustainable income streams
                • Develop BPCA's membership structure and offer, to attract and retain world-class members.
                  NPTA LOGO

                  Membership of the NPTA

                  A full list of membership benefits is available from the NPTA office but include:

                  • Technical Advice
                  •  Services of our specialist insurance broker
                  •  Professional and legal advice from the Association's Solicitors
                  •  Specialist training courses throughout the UK
                  •  Regional Meetings
                  •  Use of Association logo
                  •  Guidance Documents
                  •  HS Direct (Online Health & Safety Paperwork)
                  •  Corporate Advertising within Yellow Pages
                  •  Photographic Identity Cards
                  •  Free job advertising within Today's Technician


                  • To promote a professional approach to Pest Control
                  •  To update members on all aspects relating to the profession
                  • To further all aspects of training
                  • To emphasise and promote awareness amongst members
                  • To emphasise environmental consideration with regard to toxic substances
                  • To promote the control of all public health pests
                  • To represent the interests and opinions of the UK Pest Control Industry to the general public, government and other industries
                  • To promote NPTA members to potential customers
                  • To promote NPTA members to other industries

                  What we do    

                  • To develop a nationally known organisation that represents all those who are employed within the pest control industry
                  • To create a database of information, working practices including documentation and a standard form service
                  •  To develop and promote the training of Pest Control Technicians to make them aware of their everyday working responsibilities
                  •  To liaise with other bodies to promote one basic introductory level for all Pest Control Technicians and to help develop, support and promote the RSPH Level 3 Diploma in Pest Management
                  •  To work together with other Associations and Companies who are both directly or indirectly involved in the pest control industry for the benefit of all
                  •  To represent our Membership at the highest levels both within industry and central government


                  Now it comes down to cost which I’m not going to get into but I will give the links so you can look yourselves

                  BPCA  website

                  NPTA   website then click on the become an NPTA member button and scroll down to see prices.

                  So, after all the reading we have done we are no better off but if it was just cost we know who it would be. So, in the future we will be asking to become a member of one of them but what will happen to pest control with our poisons once we leave the E.U and should we wait I would love to hear back on your thoughts


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