Minkpolice Monitoring System

  • by steven light
  • 11 Sep, 2017

What is the minkpolice monitor?

Rat Monitoring System on a trap
MinkPolice Monitor in use

It’s a system that can save you time and money, by this I mean it checks your traps instead of you driving out to check your taps. Unless you must put fresh bait in the trap it will notify you when it activates.


Minkpolice monitoring system has a free online website interface, this is where you register your trap and set it up, so what settings do you get.


trap web interface

Trap -This shows you the trap and its name

Status - You have the date and time

Battery - the level of power left in the battery

Signa l- the strength of the units signal to the network

Next wake up - when the unit next sends a signal to you if set

On/Off – you can turn the unit of at any time, but you must go and set the trap again to turn it on.



Let’s say you click on the trap name in the trap review it takes you to all the information about that trap, so if you had more than one trap you can click on any of them and see this as well


If you click on the register new catch button it will open this from here, you can put all the catch details


Trap map

This is where you can see the traps location or edit its location. you can zoom right into the map and see where trap is
Map of rat trap locations


This is for your notifications like email, sms number and how you want to receive them. Language and time settings.


record of rodents caught

This is where the info you put into the new catches button goes to so you have a record, this can be downloaded and sent to your clients so they have a record on site.


Minkpolice unit itself

Minkpolice monitoring unit

It is well made from polycarbonate which makes it strong and water proof to IP67(up to 1m of submersion). The unit comes with an antenna, instructions and two cable ties, magnet and two clips.

The antenna screws onto the main unit, then undo the 4 screws to insert your sim and battery’s, always use the battery’s that are recommended and in this case its 4 lithium AA then put lid on a tighten screws up. Next use the cable ties to secure the unit to the cage as per instructions, put a clip onto the magnet and tie a piece of wire/string to that clip and the other clip, and clip it to the cage door and you are done


Spares for this unit are easy to get from the website store and I see you can get high gain antenna on 75cm of cable which is a good idea.


Set up 10/10

This has been well designed


Website interface 10/10

Easy to use and setup


Use 9/10  

Cable ties I thought were to weak and small, this is just my view as I like to use thick and long ones to go around whole unit to secure to a cage. If you have your own sim card locked to one network and you are in bad signal area it may be an issue




I think this is a great unit backed up by a great customer support, who reply to you very quickly.

Can be fixed to most traps from cages, fenn and squirrel traps


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