Pest Control And Nocturnal Animals

  • by steven light
  • 28 Nov, 2017

When doing pest control at night it is very important to know what the environmental impact will be on none target species

badgers as pests
We were called in to control the rabbit and rat population in a field and an empty barn.
We started with a survey in the daytime so we could have a clear look around to see if there were any environmental issues on the site that would cause any harm to the wildlife in that area like birds of prey, dogs, cats, foxes and so on.
Once this was completed we decided to put up some wildlife cameras to see what was going on at night when no one was around and it was all quiet as this is when we as pest technicians can do real harm if we do not notice any target species.
wildlife camera for pest control
One of our wildlife camera's
When we picked up the camera's and checked the footage it was an eye-opener, as the first thing we see was a barn owl in the barn, so if we had just placed down poisons for the rats we would have poisoned the owl who would have eaten our dead rats.
The camera in the field was a success or was it, we could clearly see a rabbit, so we can start controlling the rabbit population at once or could we. Take a look at the video below
Take another look at the video and ask yourselves why is he so nervous, now look at the video below taken a little bit later on.
Yes its a badger, so if we had put snares or traps down we would have fallen foul of the law that's why we at Shire Pest Solutions are wildlife aware and work with nature not against it.
                                                        What makes us different as a company is we care for pests, nature and people
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