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In the UK spiders are not considered dangerous or a threat to health but some households suffer with ‘nuisance’ house spiders, and because of common fears (arachnophobia) many require pest control.
If you require this particular service you can contact us at Shire Pest Solutions to obtain advice and possible treatment methods, spraying with insecticide or smoke generators.

If you are experiencing problems from a species in which you do not identify with the UK and are worried, you can contact us for advice.
Spiders do a great deal of good through natural insect control, and there is no question that the
general public fear them.

 One without a doubt you don’t want around is the false widow spider. This spider is certainly spreading throughout the UK . Although its bite is unpleasant the pain said to be similar to that of a wasp sting. 
The bite of this spider gives extreme pain radiating from the bite, along with fever and general discomfort. 
Although related to the Black Widow, it is a less venomous spider. It is not a particularly aggressive spider, but it can bite. The venom can cause illness in children. In adults, although bites cause discomfort, there are no records of serious symptoms. This species is adapting well to the British climate and there are reports of it becoming established.
The female False Black Widow is of similar appearance to the Black widow, a relatively small spider, the female body length being 10-15mm, the male only 3-6mm. The false Black Widow are shiny black and globular like the Black Widow, but they lack the characteristic red double triangle or ‘hourglass' marking.
 The abdomen of the immature female has pale chevron markings on the dorsal surface and a white band around the anterior, but these diminish with each moult until the adult abdomen is black except for the band, now turned red.

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