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Closely related to the mites, but much larger and reliant on vertebrate blood. They are occasionally brought into the house on cats & dogs and can be picked up by humans after walking through long grass in an infested area.
Ticks are implicated in the transmission of Lyme disease and you should seek medical advice if a rash appears at the site of a bite. Only remove them with a twist to avoid leaving the mouthparts in the skin.
How do I prevent a Ticks?

It's difficult to prevent ticks coming in your home, however, there are some things you can do to reduce your chances of getting them:

  • Pet maintenance - Getting veterinary approved Tick products to apply to your pet on a regular basis.
  • Vacuum - All over the house as often as possible. Frequently vacuum the areas your pet is around, especially carpeted areas in and any furniture that is frequented by your pet.
  • Washing - Wash your clothes and pet's bedding, blanket and other washable items in the hottest water possible.
How to get rid of Ticks:

We strongly recommend you contact us at Shire Pest Solutions, as we are fully trained professionals that have the technical knowledge to treat your tick problem.

Before any treatment can start, clear as much floor space as possible. To ensure that any treatment done is as thorough as possible. Vacuuming all areas helps to remove any debris, eggs, larvae and adult Ticks will also help before a treatment commences. 

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