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  • by steven light
  • 30 Oct, 2017

If you have a pest, we have the solution!

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Hello, my good people, I’m back again for another quick blog post. Have you enjoyed the blogs so far? Anything you would like to see? Criticisms? Contact us and let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your views as these blogs are for you after all.
Anyway, let’s get back to the topic at hand, our company motto. What is it? Why is it our motto? We have always said it but never explained it. In this blog, I’m going to try and answer these two questions quickly and simply.
What is our motto?
You may have noticed it on our many facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts and even as the title of this blog. Our motto is IF YOU HAVE A PEST, WE HAVE THE SOLUTION . I will explain this motto in the next question but I do hope you find it a catchy one.
Why is it the motto of shire pest solutions?
This is a simple answer with a complex reason.
The simple answer is we believe in it. We know that if you have a pest of any kind, be it insect, bird or mammal we can sort the issue out and offer the correct advice and the correct proofing methods.
A quick complex answer without going into great detail is this. Do you have ethical reasons for a certain type of control? Organic, live catch, traps only, no traps, proofing only, controlling numbers and not eradication, this just names a few. We will accommodate these into our plan to help with your issue, this will then both comply with not only the law we have to follow as an industry professional but also your views whilst rectifying your pest problem. If you give us your pest control issue there is no doubt we will solve it. if there isn’t a product you agree with us using we will speak to suppliers to find a product.
And don’t forget all our treatments are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
We are on facebook , twitter , Instagram , Youtube , LinkedIn , Google plus , well just type shire pest solutions into a search engine and I’m sure it will show you where you can find us. Just remember this,
                                                                                               IF YOU HAVE A PEST, WE HAVE THE SOLUTION .
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